Community Outreach
The Denton Quilt Guild is involved in many different community service projects. Our long-standing Kid Kwilt program has provided hundreds of quilts to children in need from the Denton area. The guild partners with Protective Services, Cumberland Presbertarian Children's Home, and the Adoption Day program. At Christmas time, guild members make Christmas stockings which are donated to Denton County Child Protective Services for distribution to children in foster care. The guild has provided assistance to other organizations and businesses in the area. Members worked on a group project to provide the Guyer High School drama program with a quilt as a prop for their play. Members have attended Barnes and Nobles storytelling events, as well as the anual Denton Storytelling Festival. Local schools may borrow children's storybooks along with a quilt for younger school children.

If you would like more information on Community Outreach opportunities, please contact us at communityoutreach@dentonquiltguild.org.
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community outreach