Retreat Challenge
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This year's Fall Retreat Challenge theme is "Bird(s)".

The Basics: Open to all Guild members. Entries are due by the next Retreat, no later than EOD Friday, October 13, 2017. Judging and presentation of awards at Retreat are the next day.

  1. Make a 15" square finished wall quilt depicting bird(s). You can depict an individual bird or a grouping, so long as at least one individual bird can still be distinguished within the group.
  2. Use any technique and materials you desire, but adhere to the definition of a quilt and have 3 layers (top-middle-back) sewn or fastened together.
  3. Any overhanging elements must fit within the overall 15" footprint of the finished quilt.
  4. Finish with your choice of binding/edging plus a 3" hanging sleeve. Irregular edges are okay so long as you adhere to the 15" outside dimension.
  5. Safety pin a brief description (30 words or less) explaining your inspiration for your entry.
The Details: Birds, also known as avian dinosaurs, have been around for 100 million years. They have the most living species of any of the terapods (4-limbed critters) on earth, with approximately 10,000 varieties. Birds are found on every continent, in every country, and in any environment you can think of. They live in flocks of thousands or as solitary adults (except during mating season, of course). They soar the heavens, swim the oceans, and burrow into forest floors and scorching sands. Poets and songwriters have celebrated their calls for centuries. From Do-Dos to Dingbats, from Pigeons to Peacocks, from their feathers to their feet, they're fascinating creatures. Let's all go to the birds!

Take part in our next challenge and show us your take on birds. Maybe a photo collage, a snippet quilt, or lacy feathers embellished with beads or embroidery, a single specimen or an aggregate collection, birds in the hand or in the bush. It's up to you.

Questions, e-mail: Kathleen Francis, Kathy Malmberg, or Sher Harnish. Blocks will be displayed for guild members at our next Fall Retreat at TWU (October 12-15, 2017) and then returned to the owner. Blocks may also be displayed elsewhere.