"Grandy's Quilt"
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Heartbroken by her beloved grandmother's death, Catherine cherished the tattered heirloom quilt her grandmother left. Every year, during the Christmas season, Catherine's husband retrieved the box holding Grandy's quilt from the attic and carefully placed the box where Catherine and their three children could open it and ponder the future of the frayed materpiece. They could sense the room fill with the love Grandy stitched into every block.
One year Catherine gazed at the quilt and decided she had to do something to make sure the only remaining eveidence of Grandy's spirit survived. The master quilters she apprached held little hope for preserving the fragile treasure. But Catherine couldn't-wouldn't-let the idea of saving Grandy's quilt go.
She shared her determination to save Grandy's quilt by asking her children for their ideas about bringing Grandy's quilt back to life. Their young energy and enthusiasm pointed to an answer that amazed everynone, especially Catherine.

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