Author Alternate
Amish Collection Karen Bolesta (editor) AMI-AM4 1996
Amish-Inspired Quilts Becky Goldsmith Linda Jenkins AMI-AM7 2006
Applique! Applique! Applique! Laurene Sinema APP-AP1 2004
Applique: The Basics & Beyond Janet Pittman APP-AP6 2006
Applique Delights Becky Goldsmith Linda Jenkins APP-AP14 2004
Applique Inside the Lines Carol Armstrong APP-AP17 2003
Autumn Splendor: Folk Art Quilts and Projects Dawn Heese APP-AU1 2014
Baltimore Beauties & Beyond Vol 1 Elly Sienkiewicz APP-BA1 1989
Baltimore Style Blocks Irma Hatcher APP-BA2 2001
Baltimore Basics: Album Quilts Start to Finish Mimi Dietrich APP-BA3 2006
Baltimore Album of Roses: Elegant Motifs to Mix & Match Rita Verroca APP-BA7 2015
Best in Show Carol Armstrong APP-BE4 2009
Botanical Wreaths Laura Reinstatler APP-BO1 1994
Bodacious Applique a la Carte Margie Engel APP-BO2 2008
Creative Quilts from Your Crayon Box Terrie Kygar APP-CR1 2012
Cutting Garden Quilts: Fabulous Fusible Flowers Melinda Bula APP-CU1 2007
Easy Applique Samplers Mimi Dietrich APP-EA2 2005
Fabric Mosaics Terrece Beesley Trice Boerens APP-FA3 1999
Fabulous Flowers: Mini-Quilts in Dimensional Applique Sharon Baker APP-FA5 2005
Floral Applique Nancy Pearson APP-FL1 1994
Flowering Favorites Becky Goldsmith Linda Jenkins APP-FL2 2003
Flags of the American Revolution Jan Patek APP-FL3 2009
Folk Art Animals: 25 Fanciful Applique Designs Janet Brandt APP-FO1 1998
Fresh Flowers 3D Applique Jean McCarley APP-FR1 1998
Free-Style Quilts: A "No Rules" Approach Susan Carlson APP-FR2 2000
Garden of Applique Peggy Waltman APP-GA1 2007
Garden Nouveau Quilts Vicky Lawrence APP-GA3 2009
Give & Take Fabric Applique Daphne Greig Susan Mark APP-GI1 2011
Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns & Design Poakalani Serrao John Serrao APP-HA2 1999
Hand Applique Mimi Deitrich APP-HA3 1998
Impressionist Applique Grace Errea Meredith Osterfeld APP-IM1 2012
Leaving Baltimore: A Prairie Album Quilt Christina DeArmond Eula Lang APP-LE1 2010
Love to Machine Applique Caroline Price APP-LO1 2008
Mastering Machine Applique Harriet Hargrave APP-MA2 2001
Magic Vine Quilt Eleanor Burns APP-MA3 2007
Memories in Applique Arlette Rose Gosieki APP-ME1 1991
Mosaic Applique Lorraine Carthew APP-MO1 2007
My Family Reunion Quilt: A Sentimental Journey in Applique Barbara Ann McCraw APP-MY1 2017
Nature's Beauty in Applique: Pretty and Practical Projects Susan Taylor Propst APP-NA1 2012
New Applique Sampler Becky Goldsmith Linda Jenkins APP-NE1 2005
Needleturn Applique Made Easy Robyn Pandolph APP-NE2 2004
Orange Peel: New Quilts from an Old Favorite Linda Lasco (editor) APP-OR1 2011
Piec-lique: Curves the New Way Sharon Schamber APP-PI1 2005
Playful Petals: Learn Simple, Fusible Applique Corey Yoder APP-PL1 2014
Pretty Petals: More Fantastical Designs Sheri Howard APP-PR1 2012
Rose of Sharon Block Book Sharon Pederson APP-RO2 2010
Scrappy Bits Applique: Fast & Easy Fusible Quilts Shannon Brinkley APP-SC1 2014
Sew Easy Celtic Angela Madden APP-SE2 1993
Simply Successful Applique Jeanne Sullivan APP-SI1 2012
Simple Applique Kim Diehl APP-SI2 2015
Stars in the Garden Becky Goldsmith Linda Jenkins APP-ST1 1998
Stitch and Split Applique: Raw Edge Projects Jayme Crow Joan Segna APP-ST2 2004
Three-Dimensional Applique and Embroidery Embellishment Anita Shackelford APP-TH1 1993
Two Hour Mini Quilt Projects Kate McKenzie APP-TW1 1997
Ultimate Sunbonnet Sue Collection Heather Doyal APP-UL1 2000
Wildflowers: Designs for Applique & Quilting Carol Armstrong APP-WI2 1998
Wool Applique Folk Art Rebekah Smith APP-WO2 2015
American Quilts: Celebrating 100 Years of the Art of Quilting Mary Austin (editor) COL-AM1 1999
America's Glorious Quilts Dennis Duke (editor) COL-AM2 1987
America from the Heart: Quilters Remember 9-11-01 Karey Bresenham (curator) COL-AM3 2002
Art Quilt Collection Linda Seward COL-AR1 2010
Art Takes Shape Husqvarna COL-AR2 2005
Art Meets Science SAQA COL-AR3 2010
Gallery of American Quilts: 1849-1988 Book 1 American Quilter's Society COL-GA1 1990
Gallery of American Quilts: 1860-1989 Book 2 American Quilter's Society COL-GA2 1988
Gallery of American Quilts: 1830-1991 Book 3 American Quilter's Society COL-GA3 1992
Masters Art Quilts Martha Sielman COL-MA2 2008
Quiltfolk Dogs Teresa Duryea Wong, curator COL-QU3 2023
The Ultimate Quilting Book Maggi Gordon COL-UL1 1999
Color: The Quilter's Guide Christine Barnes CLR-CO2 1997
Color Confidence for Quilters Jinny Beyer CLR-CO3 1996
Color Play Joen Wolfrom CLR-CO4 2000
Color for the Terrified Quilter Ionne McCauley Sharon Pederson CLR-CO5 2007
Color & Composition for the Creative Quilter Katie Pasquini Masopust Brett Barker CLR-CO6 2005
Color Magic for Quilters Ann Seely Joyce Stewart CLR-CO7 1997
Color Fusion: Fiberworks Laura Heine CLR-CO8 2001
Journey to Inspired Art Quilting Jean Wells CLR-JO1 2012
The Patchwork Pocket Palette: A Handy Visual Guide to Mixing and Matching Colored Fabrics Anne Walker CLR-PA1 1995
Quiltmaker's Color Workshop Bill Kerr Weeks Ringle CLR-QU1 2006
Quilter's Color Club Christine Barnes CLR-QU3 2011
Splash of Color: A Rainbow of Brilliant Black-and-White Quilts Jackie Kunkel CLR-SP1 2015
Visual Coloring: A Foolproof Approach Joen Wolfrom CLR-VI1 2006
Brilliant Bags Deena Beverly CRA-BR1 2006
Designer Style Handbags Sherri Haab CRA-DE1 2005
Embellishing with Felted Wool Mary Stori CRA-EM1 2008
Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls Linda Johansen CRA-FA1 2004
Fast Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes Linda Johansen CRA-FA2 2004
Joyful Stitching: Transform Fabric with Improvisational Embroidery Laura Wasilowski CRA-JO1 2018
Kanzashi in Bloom: 20 Simple Fold-and-Sew Projects Diane Gilleland CRA-KA1 2009
Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go: 14 Projects You Can Finish Fast Gudrun Erla CRA-LE1 2015
101 Fun-To-Quilt Pot Holders Trice Boerens CRA-ON1 2007
Patchwork Puzzle Balls Jinny Beyer CRA-PA1 2005
Pillow Talk Edyta Sitar CRA-PI2 2019
Post Cards to Make and Mail Cheryl Haynes Barbara Cooley CRA-PO1 2005
Quilt Designs for Postcards Carol Mansfield CRA-QU2 2005
Quilted Postcards Cheryl Haynes Barbara Cooley CRA-QU3 2009
Simple, Fun & Quickly Done Terry Atkinson CRA-SI1 2017
Stitch Zakka Gailen Runge (compiled) CRA-ST2 2013
Tabletop Quilts: Best of Fons & Porter Marianne Fons Liz Porter CRA-TA1 2010
Thimbles & Things: Handmade Treasures for All Who Love to Sew Kumiko Sudo CRA-TH1 2015
21 Sensational Patchwork Bags Susan Briscoe CRA-TW1 2006
The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery Judith Baker Montano CRZ-AR1 1993
Beaded Crazy Quilting Cindy Gorder CRZ-BE1 2005
Bead Embroidery: The Complete Guide (spiral) Jane Davis CRZ-BE2 2005
The Crazy Quilt Handbook Revised (2nd Ed) Judith Baker Montano CRZ-CR1 2001
Crazy Quilting Christine Dabbs CRZ-CR2 1998
Crazy Patchwork Janet Haigh CRZ-CR4 1998
Crazy With Cotton Diana Leone CRZ-CR5 1996
Crazy Quilting with Attitude Barbara Randle CRZ-CR8 2003
Embroidered & Embellished Christen Brown CRZ-EM1 2013
Embroidered Alphabets with Ribbon Embroidery Di van Niekerk CRZ-EM2 2009
Embroidered Flora & Fauna Lesley Turpin-Delport Nikki Delport-Wepener CRZ-EM3 2008
Fabric Embellishing Ruth Chandler et al. CRZ-FA1 2009
Foolproof Crazy Quilting Jennifer Clouston CRZ-FO1 2013
The Quilter's Directory of Embellishments Sally Holman CRZ-QU2 2006
Ribbonwork Flowers: 132 Garden Embellishments Christen Brown CRZ-RI1 2015
Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches Carol Samples CRZ-TR1 1999
*These resources are only available by written request and you must send your request by the day before the monthly guild meeting.
Bargello Quilts with a Twist Nancy Zieman DVD-BA2 2010
Free-Motion Machine Quilting for Beginners: Liberation from the Ditch Helen Godden DVD-FR1 2013
Grand Finale Ricky Tims DVD-GR1 2005
Longarm: Advanced Stipple Sharon Schamber DVD-LO2 2008
Longarm Basics: Series One: Continuous Line Designs (Quilter's Academy DVD) DVD-LO4 2010
Quilting Arts TV Series 500 (4 DVDs) DVD-QU2 2010
Sit-Down Longarm Quilting: Thread Work (Quilter's Academy DVD) Debby Brown DVD-SI3 2013
Beautiful Foundation-Pieced Quilt Blocks Mary Jo Hiney FOU-BE1 1999
Creative Combinations (with CD) Carol Doak FOU-CR1 2013
Easy Machine Paper Piecing Carol Doak FOU-EA2 1994
50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars (with CD) Carol Doak FOU-FI1 2000
40 Bright & Bold Paper Pieced Blocks Carol Doak FOU-FO1 2002
Foundation-Pieced Quilts: 14 Favorites Quiltmaker Magazine FOU-FO3 2011
Foundation Paper Pieced Stained Glass Quilts II Liz Schwartz Stephen Seifert FOU-FO4 2004
Little Lone Star Quilts Lorraine Olsen FOU-LI1 2009
Loveable Animal Quilt Blocks Linda Causee FOU-LO1 unk
Mariner's Medallion Quilts M'Liss Rae Hawley FOU-MA1 2006
Mariner's Compass Quilts Brenda Henning FOU-MA2 2007
Needles & Notions, Paper Pieced Jaynette Huff FOU-NE1 2000
New English Paper Piecing: A Faster Approach to a Traditional Sue Daley FOU-NE2 2011
The New Hexagon: 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece Katja Marek FOU-NE3 2014
101 Log Cabin Blocks Linda Causee FOU-ON1 1997
101 Foundation Pieced Quilt Blocks Linda Causee FOU-ON2 1996
Paper-Pieced Curves Jodie Davis FOU-PA1 2000
Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way Peggy Martin FOU-PA2 2007
Paper Piecing with Alex Anderson Alex Anderson FOU-PA5 2002
Perfect Blocks in Minutes Anita Solomon FOU-PE1 2004
Playful Little Paper-Pieced Projects Tacha Bruecher (compiled) FOU-PL1 2013
Quilter's Ark Margaret Rolfe FOU-QU1 1997
Quilt Mavens Perfect Paper Piecing (with CD-ROM) Deb Karasik Janet Mednick FOU-QU2 2007
Quick and Easy Quilting Jodie Davis Linda Schiffer FOU-QU3 1999
Simply Sensational 9-Patch Stars Carol Doak FOU-SI1 2005
Stitch & Flip Valori Wells FOU-ST1 2000
300 Paper-Pieced Quilt Blocks Carol Doak FOU-TH5 2007
Wedding Ring Pickle Dish & More: Paper Piecing Curves Beverly Maxvill FOU-WE1 2009
A Year of Paper Piecing Carolyn Cullinan McCormick FOU-YE1 2008
Fashion & Imagination Bernina Books GAR-FA2 2001
More Jazz Judy Murrah GAR-MO1 1996
True Style: Pieced Jackets with Distinctive Applique Peggy True GAR-TR1 1997
Adding Layers: Color, Design & Imagination Kathy Doughty GEN-AD1 2014
Adventures with Leaders & Enders Bonnie Hunter GEN-AD2 2009
Adventures in Design Joen Wolfrom GEN-AD3 2011
Addicted to Scraps: 12 Vibrant Quilt Projects Bonnie Hunter GEN-AD4 2016
Advancing on II with the Square in a Square Technique (see GEN-BO3 spiral) Jodi Barrows GEN-AD5 2002
All-Star Quilts of Valor: 25 Patriotic Patterns QOV Foundation GEN-AL1 2022
All the Blocks Are Geese: Flying Geese – The Fast Way Mary Sue Suit GEN-AL2 2004
Antique Redwork Quilt No. 5 Russell Moline GEN-AN1 2000
Another Bite of Schnibbles: 24 Quilts from 5" or 10" Squares Carrie Nelson GEN-AN3 2011
Another Can of Worms Debbie Caffrey GEN-AN5 2006
Around the Block Judy Hopkins GEN-AR2 1994
Asian Elegance: Quilting with Japanese Fabrics and More Kitty Pippen Sylvia Pippen GEN-AS2 2003
Batiks and Beyond Laurie Shifrin GEN-BA1 2003
Batik Beauties Laurie Shifrin GEN-BA2 2001
Baker's Dozen: 13 Kitchen Quilts from American Jane Sandy Klop GEN-BA4 2011
Banners for All Seasons Joyce Pike Anne Robinson GEN-BA5 2001
Bargello Quilts with a Twist Maggie Ball GEN-BA6 2008
Bargello Hearts Nancy Podolsky GEN-BA7 1996
Batik Gems: 29 Dazzling Quilt Projects Laurie Shifrin GEN-BA8 2008
Beautifully Embellished Landscapes Joyce Becker GEN-BE4 2006
Best Loved Quilts Debbie Mumm GEN-BE8 unk
Best Loved Quilt Patterns Carol Haygood (editor) GEN-BE10 1987
Birdhouses for Every Season Debbie Mumm GEN-BI2 2001
Big Book of Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts Pam Bono GEN-BI3 2001
Big-Block Quilts by Magic Nancy Johnson-Srebro GEN-BI4 2006
Big Book of Scrap Quilts Patricia Wilens GEN-BI5 2005
Big and Easy Judy Hopkins GEN-BI6 2005
Big Blocks, Easy Quilts Suzanne McNeill GEN-BI7 2008
Birds & Bees & Butterflies Too Camille Remme GEN-BI8 1993
Big Book of Fat-Quarter Quilts Martingale (edited) GEN-BI9 2016
Big Book of Strip Quilts Martingale (edited) GEN-BI10 2017
Bits of Bargello Karen Gibbs GEN-BI11 2009
Block Book Judy Martin GEN-BL4 1998
Block Magic Nancy Johnson-Srebro GEN-BL5 2001
Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee Alissa Haight Carlton Kristen Lejnieks GEN-BL6 2011
Block Magic, Too! Nancy Johnson-Srebro GEN-BL7 2001
Book of Sampler Quilts Dorothy Frager GEN-BO1 1983
Borders by the Square (spiral) Jodi Barrows GEN-BO3 1998
Borders: Basics & Beyond Jill Reber GEN-BO4 2009
Borders & Finishing Touches Bonnie Browning GEN-BO5 2006
Cathedral Window Quilts Lynne Edwards GEN-CA1 2008
Casting Shadows Collen Wise GEN-CA2 2005
Candy Store and More: 1930s Quilts Made New Kay Connors Karen Earlywine GEN-CA4 2014
Celtic Pieced Illusions Karen Combs GEN-CE1 2006
Celtic Quilting Gail Lawther GEN-CE2 2002
Celtic Quilts Beth Ann Williams GEN-CE3 2000
Celebrate the Seasons with Quilts Traditional Quiltworks Quilting Today GEN-CE5 2001
Charming Colourwash Quilts Karen Winfield GEN-CH1 1999
Church Banner Designs Joyce Bowers GEN-CH3 2007
Circle Play Reynola Pakusich GEN-CI1 2004
Circle Pizzazz: 12 Vibrant Quilt Projects - Easy Curves Judy Sisneros GEN-CI2 2013
Circles of the East Kumiko Sudo GEN-CI3 1997
Civil War Legacies IV: 14 Time-Honored Quilts for Reproduction Fabrics Carol Hopkins GEN-CI4 2018
Clever Quarters Susan Dissmore GEN-CL2 2004
Clever Banners, Panels & Postcards Mary Mayne GEN-CL3 2006
Country Settings Debbie Mumm GEN-CO1 2000
Confetti Quilts Mary Mashuta GEN-CO3 2003
Combing Through Your Scraps Karen Combs GEN-CO4 2000
Convergence Quilts Ricky Tims GEN-CO5 2003
Collage Quilter: Essentials for Success with Collage Quilts Emily Taylor GEN-CO6 2019
Connecting Up Mary Ellen Hopkins GEN-CO8 1990
Colorwash Bargello Quilts Beth Williams GEN-CO12 2001
Connecting Up #4 Mary Ellen Hopkins GEN-CO22 1990
Crazy Curves Continues Elisa Wilson GEN-CR1 2009
Crowning Glories: Discover the Arrow Crown Block Lerlene Nevaril GEN-CR11 2005
Cups & Saucers Maaike Bakker GEN-CU1 2000
Cut-Loose Quilts: Stack, Slice, Switch, & Sew Jan Mullen GEN-CU2 2001
Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces Debbie Bowles GEN-CU3 2001
Cut the Scraps! Joan Ford GEN-CU5 2011
Curves in Motion Judy Dales GEN-CU7 1998
Czecherboard Quilts Rose Ann Cook GEN-CZ1 2012
Daddy's Ties Shirley Botsford GEN-DA1 1994
Dazzling Quilts: Easy Glitz, Instant Glamour Pamela Mostek GEN-DA2 2006
Design Art Deco Quilts Don Linn GEN-DE1 2010
Distinctive Dresdens Katja Marek GEN-DI1 2017
Did Someone Say Cake? Lissa Alexander (compiled) Moda Bake Shop GEN-DI3 2022
Diamonds by the Square (see GEN-BO3 spiral) Jodi Barrows GEN-DI4 2002
Double Vision Quilts Louisa Smith GEN-DO1 2016
The Double Wide Dresden Book Barbara Groves Mary Jacobson GEN-DO2 2016
Double Take: Quilts with That Hopscotch Twist Heather Willms Elissa Willms GEN-DO3 2010
Dresden Flower Garden: A New Twist on Two Quilt Classics Blanche Young Lynette Bingham GEN-DR1 2003
Dynamic Dresdens Susan Cleveland GEN-DY1 2019
Easy Quilting with Denim Pearl Louise Krush GEN-EA1 2004
Easy Layer-Cake Quilts Barbara Groves Mary Jacobson GEN-EA2 2017
East Quilts West Kumiko Sudo GEN-EA6 1996
Easy Bias-Covered Curves Wendy Hill GEN-EA7 2006
Easy & Elegant Lone Star Quilts Shirley Stutz GEN-EA8 2005
Everyday Embellishments M'liss Rae Hawley GEN-EV2 2003
Fat Quarter Workshop: 12 Skill-Building Quilt Patterns Stephanie Soebbing GEN-FA1 2020
Fat Quarter Quilts M'liss Rae Hawley GEN-FA2 1999
Fast Folded Flowers Laura Farson GEN-FA3 2001
Fabled Flowers Kumiko Sudo GEN-FA6 1996
Fast-Forward Your Quilting Dina Pappas GEN-FA7 2004
Fantastic Fabric Folding Rebecca Wat GEN-FA8 2000
Fantasy Fabrics: Technique for Layered Surface Design Bonnie McCaffrey GEN-FA9 1999
Fat Quarter Winners Monique Dillard GEN-FA12 2011
Fabulous T-Shirt Quilts Caryl Schuetz GEN-FA18 2007
Fat Quarter Friendly Fons & Porter GEN-FA19 2000
Fibreart Montage: Combining Quilting, Embroidery and Photography Judith Baker Montana GEN-FI2 2009
Flowers of the Bible: Quilting Helga Curtis GEN-FL1 2003
Flannel Quilts Sandy Bonsib GEN-FL2 2001
Floral Illusions Karen Combs GEN-FL4 2003
Flip & Fuse Quilts Marcia Harmening GEN-FL5 2015
Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts Donna Thomas GEN-FL6 2011
Focus on Batiks Jan Smiley GEN-FO1 2004
Folded Log Cabin Quilts Sarah Kaufman GEN-FO2 2010
Foolproof Curves Barbara Barber GEN-FO3 2004
Folded Flowers Kumiko Sudo GEN-FO4 2002
Fractured Landscape Quilts Katie Pasquini Masopast GEN-FR1 1996
Free Expression Robbie Eklow GEN-FR3 2005
Free Spirit Gerry Kimmel Linda Brannock GEN-FR4 1992
French Braid Obsession Jane Hardy Miller GEN-FR7 2009
Fresh Pineapple Possibilities Jane Hall Dixie Haywood GEN-FR8 2013
Fresh Look at Seasonal Quilts Julie Popa GEN-FR9 2006
A Fresh Twist on Fabric Folding Rebecca Wat GEN-FR10 2006
Friendship Blocks: New Settings for Sentimental Favorites Marge Edie GEN-FR11 2001
Fussy Cutters Club Angie Wilson GEN-FU1 2017
Great Patchwork Stars & Stripes Better Homes & Gardens GEN-GR2 1994
Hawaiian Quilting Elizabeth Root GEN-HA5 1989
Hexagon Magic Janet Elwin GEN-HE2 1986
Hexa-Go-Go Tacha Bruecher GEN-HE4 2012
Hexagons Made Easy: Machine Techniques for Exceptional Quilts Jen Eskridge GEN-HE5 2013
Home Sweet Home Barb Adams Alma Allen GEN-HO1 2005
Homestyle Quilts Kim Diehl Lauire Baker GEN-HO2 2012
Houses of Cloth Wendy Etzel GEN-HO3 1994
Hunter Star Quilts & Beyond Jan Krentz GEN-HU1 2003
I Love Precut Quilts! Tricia Maloney GEN-IL1 2016
It's Not Just a Cover-up Pam Bono GEN-IT1 2004
Japanese Inspirations Janet Haigh GEN-JA1 2000
Japanese Quilting Piece By Piece Yoko Saito GEN-JA2 2012
Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix & Match Susan Briscoe GEN-JA3 2007
Jelly Roll Quilts & More Kimberly Einmo GEN-JE1 2009
Jelly Roll Quilts Pam Lintott Nicky Lintott GEN-JE2 2008
Jelly Roll Inspirations Pam Lintott (compiled) Nicky Lintott (compiled) GEN-JE3 2009
Jelly Filled: 18 Quilts from 2½" Strips Vanessa Goertzen GEN-JE4 2019
Jelly Roll Bargello Quilts Karin Hellaby GEN-JE5 2018
Journey of an Art Quilter Barbara Olson GEN-JO3 2004
Just Desserts: Quick Quilts Using Precut Fabrics Edie McGinnis GEN-JU2 2009
Kaleidoscope Quilts: An Artist's Journey Continues Paula Nadelstern GEN-KA1 2008
Karen K Stone Quilts Karen Stone GEN-KA2 2004
Kaleidoscope of Quilts Kaffe Fassett GEN-KA3 2006
Kaleidoscope Quilts, The Workbook Paula Nadelstern GEN-KA4 2010
Kaffe Fassett's Museum Quilts Kaffe Fassett Liza Prior Lucy GEN-KA5 2005
Kaffe Fassett's Caravan of Quilts Kaffe Fassett et al. GEN-KA6 2004
Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Road Kaffe Fassett et al. GEN-KA7 2005
Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts Pam Lintott Nicky Lintott GEN-LA3 2009
Learn to Quilt Sharon Chambers GEN-LE1 2015
Learn to do Redwork Bobbie Matela (editor) GEN-LE3 1999
Little Book of Little Quilts Katherine Guerrier GEN-LI2 1998
Lickety-Split Quilts Laurie Bevan GEN-LI8 2004
Loose Change: Quilts from Nickels, Dimes, and Fat Quarters Claudia Plett Le Ann Weaver GEN-LO1 2008
Lone Star Quilts & Beyond Jan Krentz GEN-LO2 2001
Log Cabin with a Twist Barbara Kaempfer GEN-LO6 1995
Luscious Landscapes Joyce Becker GEN-LU1 2003
Luminescent Banner Designs Marie Koehlinger GEN-LU2 1998
Make a Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern Eleanor Burns GEN-MA3 2000
Mariner's Compass Quilts: Setting a New Course Judy Mathieson GEN-MA4 2005
Machine Stitched Cathedral Stars Shelly Swanland GEN-MA5 2001
Mariner's Compass Quilts: New Directions Judy Mathieson GEN-MA6 1995
Memory Quilts in the Making Rhonda Richards (editor) GEN-ME3 1999
Me and My Sister's Fun Quilts: 9 Color-Splashed Designs Barbara Groves Mary Jacobson GEN-ME4 2006
Mile a Minute Quilts Sharon Hultgren GEN-MI3 2005
Minimal Quiltmaking Gwen Marston GEN-MI4 2014
More Loose Change: 14 Quilts from Nickels, Dimes, and Fat Quarters Claudia Plett Le Ann Weaver GEN-MO3 2010
Modern Roots: Today's Quilts from Yesterday's Inspiration Bill Volckening GEN-MO4 2016
Modern Selvage Quilting Riel Nason GEN-MO5 2016
More Strip-pieced Watercolor Magic Deanna Spingola GEN-MO7 1997
More Reversible Quilts Sharon Pederson GEN-MO8 2004
More Nickel Quilts Pat Speth GEN-MO9 2004
More Adventures with Leaders & Enders Bonnie Hunter GEN-MO12 2014
More Quilts from the Quiltmakers Gift Johanne Line GEN-MO13 2003
More Take 5 Quilts Kathy Brown GEN-MO14 2012
Moda All-Stars All in a Row: 24 Row-by-Row Quilt Designs Lissa Alexander (compiled) GEN-MO15 2015
Moda All-Stars All in a Row Again: 23 Row-by-Row Quilt Designs Lissa Alexander (compiled) GEN-MO16 2017
A New Turn on Drunkard's Path Mary Sue Suit GEN-NE2 2002
New Slant on Bargello Quilts Margie Edie GEN-NE5 1998
New Cuts for New Quilts Karla Alexander GEN-NE6 2006
Nickel Quilts Pat Speth Charlene Thode GEN-NI1 2002
Nine Patch & Snowball Quilts Elsie Campbell GEN-NI3 2003
One-Block Wonders Encore! Maxine Rosenthal Joy Pelzmann GEN-ON1 2008
101 Nine Patch Quilts Marti Michell GEN-ON2 2000
One-Block Wonders Maxine Rosenthal GEN-ON3 2005
101 Made to Fit Quilts for Your Home Jeanne Stauffer (editor) GEN-ON4 2000
Op-Art Quilts: Fun, Fast, & Fabulous 3-D Illusions Marilyn Doheny GEN-OP2 1996
Origami Quilts Louise Mabbs GEN-OR1 2006
Orphan Quilt Blocks Tricia Lynn Maloney GEN-OR2 2010
Pairing Up: 2 Block Quilts Nancy Mahoney GEN-PA2 2003
Patchwork Persuasion Joen Wolfrom GEN-PA3 1997
Patchwork Showcase Nancy Mahoney GEN-PA4 2004
A Passion for Piecing Claudia Clark Myers GEN-PA5 2009
Patchwork: Comforters, Throws & Quilts Jeanne Stauffer, edited Sandra Hatch, edited GEN-PA9 2010
Perfect Union of Patchwork & Applique Darlene Christopherson GEN-PE1 2003
Personal Imagery in Art Quilts Erika Carter GEN-PE3 1996
Perfect Quilts for Precut Fabrics Martingale GEN-PE4 2014
Perfect-Fit Pieced Borders Sheila Sinclair Snyder GEN-PE5 2011
A Piece of Cake: Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares Peta Peace GEN-PI1 2017
Pieced to Fit: Instant Quilt Borders Sheila Snyder GEN-PI5 2004
Piece n Play Quilts Judy Martin GEN-PI6 2002
Picture Piecing Cynthia England GEN-PI7 2002
Piping Hot Curves Susan Cleveland GEN-PI8 2007
Pieces of Baltimore Pam Bono GEN-PI9 2004
Pictorial Quilting Maggi Gordon GEN-PI10 2000
Pieced Curves So Simple Dale Fleming GEN-PI12 2005
Piecing: Expanding the Basics Ruth McDowell GEN-PI13 1998
Pioneer Sampler (Quilt in a Day) Eleanor Burns GEN-PI14 1993
Piecing the Piece O' Cake Way: A Visual Guide to Making Patchwork Quilts Linda Jenkins Becky Goldsmith GEN-PI15 2016
Piece and Quilt with Precuts Christa Watson GEN-PI16 2017
Plaids & Stripes: The Use of Directional Fabric in Quilts Roberta Horton GEN-PL1 1990
Precision & Panache Susan Cleveland GEN-PR4 2007
The Practical Guide to Patchwork Elizabeth Hartman GEN-PR5 2010
Precut Bonanza Kimberly Einmo GEN-PR6 2012
The Quilted Cross J Michelle Watts GEN-QU1 2003
Quick Watercolor Quilts Dina Pappas GEN-QU4 1999
Quilter's Favorites C&T Editors GEN-QU5 2009
Quilting in the Limelight Philippa Naylor GEN-QU7 2008
Quilts of Valor: A 50 State Salute QOV Foundation GEN-QU8 2018
Quilted Celebrations Amanda Murphy GEN-QU9 2015
Quilting Through the Year Debbie Mumm GEN-QU11 2002
Quilted Symphony Gloria Loughman GEN-QU12 2010
Quilting Up a Storm Lydia Quigley GEN-QU13 1996
Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt Marti Michell GEN-QU14 1998
Quilts from The Quiltmaker's Gift Joanne Larsen Line Nancy Loving Tubesing GEN-QU15 2000
Quilting More Memories Sandy Bonsib GEN-QU16 2001
Quiltmaking by Hand Jinny Beyer GEN-QU18 2004
Quilt Lovely Jen Kingwell GEN-QU19 2015
Quick & Easy Banner Designs Carol Jean Harms GEN-QU21 1996
Quilts for Scrap Lovers Judy Gauthier GEN-QU22 2016
Quick & Easy Charity Quilts Annie's Quilting GEN-QU23 2018
Quilt-Lovers' Favorites Vol. 2 Better Homes & Gardens GEN-QU24 2002
Quilts of a Different Color Irena Bluhm GEN-QU25 2008
Quilting Simplified Choly Knight GEN-QU26 2015
Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern Jera Brandvig GEN-QU29 2015
Quilts a la Carte Pam Bono Designs GEN-QU31 2002
Quilts of the Southwest J Michelle Watts GEN-QU32 2005
Quilted Landscapes Joan Blalock GEN-QU36 1996
Quilt Recipes Jen Kingwell GEN-QU40 2021
Quilt Lovers Favorites Vol 4 Better Homes & Gardens GEN-QU42 2004
Quick Change Quilts Teri Nussbaum GEN-QU43 2002
Quilts of Love and Valor: Reproduction Quilts Becky Wright GEN-QU46 2019
Quilting with Precuts and Shortcuts Terry Martin GEN-QU47 2010
Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts! Diana McClun Laura Nownes GEN-QU48 1993
Quick Star Quilts & Beyond Jan Krentz GEN-QU50 2009
Quick & Easy Scrap Quilting Jeanne Stauffer (editor) GEN-QU55 2000
Quilts en Provence Kaffe Fassett GEN-QU60 2010
Quilts in Ireland Kaffe Fassett GEN-QU62 2017
Quilts in Italy Kaffe Fassett GEN-QU63 2016
Quilt Art: Color Your Quilts Trish Stuart GEN-QU64 2002
Quilt Grandeur Kaffe Fassett GEN-QU65 2013
Quilting Jenni Dobson GEN-QU66 2005
Quick Creative Quilting Jeanne Stauffer (editor) GEN-QU67 2000
Quilts Galore! Diana McClun Laura Knowles GEN-QU70 1990
Quilts from the Quiltmakers Gift Joanne Line Nancy Tubesing GEN-QU72 2001
Quilt Revival: Updated Patterns of the '30s Nancy Mahoney GEN-QU73 2006
Quilt & Embellish in One Step Linda Potter GEN-QU74 2004
Quilters Think Pink House of White Birches GEN-QU78 unk
Quilted Memories: Celebrations of Life Mary Lou Weidman GEN-QU79 2001
Quilt Africa Jenny Williamson Pat Parker GEN-QU80 2004
Quick Cozy Flannel Quilts Rhonda Richards (editor) GEN-QU82 1999
Quick Quilts Using Quick Bias Gretchen Hudock GEN-QU84 unk
The Quilter's Home: Fall Lois Fletcher GEN-QU86 2002
Quilting Makes the Quilt Lee Cleland GEN-QU88 1994
Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts Jacquie Gering Katie Pedersen GEN-QU89 2012
Radiant Landscapes Gloria Loughman GEN-RA1 2013
Ragged Edge Flowers Laura Farson GEN-RA2 2002
Return to Elm Creek Jennifer Chiaverenni GEN-RE1 2004
Reasons for Quilts (with CD) Edyta Sitar GEN-RE2 2011
Red, White, and Sometimes Blue: Classics from McCall's Quilting GEN-RE3 2011
Rhapsody Quilts Ricky Tims GEN-RH2 2007
Rotary Cutting Revolution Anita Solomon GEN-RO1 2010
Row by Row Terry Martin GEN-RO5 2000
Rotary Cutting with Alex Anderson Alex Anderson GEN-RO6 1999
Save the Scraps: Great Quilts from Small Bits Gayle Bong GEN-SA3 2005
Scatter Garden Quilts Pamela Mostek GEN-SC4 2005
Scrap Quilts: Fast and Fun Patricia Welens GEN-SC5 1997
Scrap Quilts: Quick & Easy Patricia Welens (editor) GEN-SC7 1995
Scraps Judy Martin GEN-SC8 2006
Scrap-basket Surprises Kim Brackett GEN-SC9 2009
Scrappy Duos: Color Recipes for Quilt Blocks Donna Lynn Thomas GEN-SC10 2000
Scallops Sew Easy Marie Seroskie GEN-SC11 2007
Scraps & Shirttails Bonnie Hunter GEN-SC14 2008
Scraps & Shirttails II Bonnie Hunter GEN-SC15 2010
Scraps, Inc: Vol 2 Susanne Woods (compiled) GEN-SC18 2015
Scrap Quilt Sensation Katharine Guerrier GEN-SC20 2007
Scrap Quilts: Best of Fons and Porter Marianne Fons Liz Porter GEN-SC21 2010
Scrap Frenzy Sally Schneider GEN-SC22 2001
Seasons Debbie Mumm GEN-SE1 unk
Second Quilter's Companion Dolores Hinson GEN-SE5 1981
75 Fun Fat-Quarter Quilts Roxane Cerda (compiled) GEN-SE9 2015
Shadow Redwork with Alex Anderson Alex Anderson GEN-SH3 2001
Shoreline Quilts Cyndy Rymer GEN-SH5 2003
Simple Strategies for Block Swap Quilts Lynn Roddy Brown GEN-SI3 2009
Simple Strategies for Scrap Quilts Lynn Roddy Brown GEN-SI5 2006
Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts RaNae Merrill GEN-SI6 2008
Simple Stained Glass Quilts Daphne Greig Susan Purney Mark GEN-SI7 2008
Simple Traditions: 14 Quilts to Warm Your Home Kim Diehl GEN-SI9 2006
Simple Appeal: 14 Patchwork and Applique Projects Kim Diehl GEN-SI10 2014
Simplify: Use Pre-Cut Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Fat Quarters Camille Roskelley GEN-SI11 2010
Simple Harvest: A Bounty of Scrappy Quilts and More Kim Diehl GEN-SI12 2017
Simple Comforts: 12 Cozy Lap Quilts Kim Diehl GEN-SI13 2009
Soft-Edge Piecing Jinny Beyer GEN-SO1 1995
Soulful Art of African-American Quilts Sonie Ruffin GEN-SO4 2007
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Square Dance: Fancy Quilts from Plain Squares (Rev ed) Martha Thompson GEN-SQ2 2005
Stash Buster Quilts Lynne Edwards GEN-ST3 2006
Stellar Journeys Gail Garber GEN-ST4 2001
Strips & Strings: 16 Sparkling Quilts Evelyn Sloppy GEN-ST5 2003
Start Quilting with Alex Anderson Alex Anderson GEN-ST6 2001
Stars Unlimited Dereck Lockwood GEN-ST7 2011
Stack a New Deck Karla Alexander GEN-ST8 2004
Strips That Sizzle Margaret Miller GEN-ST9 1992
Strip-Smart Quilts: 16 Designs from One Easy Technique Kathy Brown GEN-ST10 2011
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String Quilts Elsie Campbell GEN-ST13 2009
Stack-n-Whackipedia Bethany Reynolds GEN-ST14 2008
String Frenzy: Strips, Strings & Scrappy Things! Bonnie Hunter GEN-ST15 2018
Still Stripping after 25 Years Eleanor Burns GEN-ST16 2003
Stashtastic! 12 Patterns for Fat-Quarter Quilts Doug Leko GEN-ST17 2017
Strip Your Stash Gudrun Erla GEN-ST18 2015
Stash with Splash Quilts Cindy Casciato GEN-ST21 2010
Striking Strip Quilts: 16 Amazing Patterns for 2½"-Strip Lovers Kate Henderson GEN-ST22 2016
String Quilt Revival (includes Create with Nancy [Zieman] DVD) Virginia Baker Barbara Sanders GEN-ST24 2011
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Supersize 'Em Debby Kratovil GEN-SU2 2009
Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles Judy Turner Margaret Rolfe GEN-SU5 2002
Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs Lissa Alexander (editor) GEN-SW1 2012
Symbols of Faith: 44 Quilt Blocks Linda Causee GEN-SY1 2002
Terrific T-Shirt Quilts Karen Burns (compiled) GEN-TE1 2016
Terrific Tees: I Can't Believe It's a T-Shirt Quilt Roberta De Luz GEN-TE6 2008
Thimbleberries Big Book of Quilt Blocks Lynette Jensen GEN-TH3 2005
Thimbleberries Housewarming Lynette Jenson GEN-TH8 2000
Time Crunch Quilts Nancy Martin GEN-TI1 2000
Timeless Patterns for Today's Quilter Kent Ward GEN-TI2 1997
Totally Tubular Quilts Rita Hutchens GEN-TO1 2003
Toppers 2 Lynda Milligan Nancy Smith GEN-TO2 2003
Transparency Quilts Weeks Ringle Bill Kerr GEN-TR2 2011
Triangle Tricks Martingale Publishing GEN-TR3 2003
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Tree of Life Quilts Trisch Price GEN-TR6 2015
Traditional Quilts with a Twist Maggie Ball GEN-TR8 2006
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Two Block Theme Quilts Claudia Olson GEN-TW2 2006
Victory Quilts: 1940 Sampler Quilts Eleanor Burns GEN-VI2 2008
The Visual Dance: Creating Spectacular Quilts Joen Wolfrom GEN-VI4 1995
Vintage Quilt Revival: 22 Modern Designs from Classic Blocks Katie Clark Blakesley et al. GEN-VI5 2013
Watercolor Impressions Pat Magaret Donna Slusser GEN-WA1 1995
Watercolor Log Cabin Quilts Terry Johnson-Huhta (editor) GEN-WA3 1996
Wedgeworks Cheryl Phillips GEN-WE3 1997
Weekend Quilts Judy Laquidara GEN-WE7 2010
Weekend Quilter Rosemary Wilkinson (editor) GEN-WE8 1997
Welcome to My Cabin Nancy Smith Lynda Milligan GEN-WE9 2003
Whip Up Mini Quilts Kathreen Ricketson GEN-WH1 2010
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Women of Taste Jen Bilik (editor) GEN-WO1 1999
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Wonderful One Fabric Quilts Kay Nickols GEN-WO6 2007
Year of Wall Quilts Leisure Arts GEN-YE1 1997
Yesterday's Charm Jo Morton GEN-YE2 2008
*These resources are only available by written request and you must send your request by the day before the monthly guild meeting.
American Quilt: A History of Cloth & Comfort 1750-1950 Roderick Kiracofe HIS-AM2 1993
America's Quilts and Coverlets Carleton Safford Robert Bishop HIS-AM3 1985
America's Printed Fabrics 1770-1890 Barbara Brackman HIS-AM4 2004
Anonymous Was A Woman Mira Bank HIS-AN1 1979
A Child's Comfort Bruce Johnson HIS-CH1
Civil War Diary Quilt Rosemary Youngs HIS-CI1 2005
Communion of the Spirits Roland Freeman HIS-CO1 1990
Fancy to Frugal: Authentic Quilt Patterns from the '30s Kay Connors Karen Earlywine HIS-FA1 2010
Facts & Fabrications: Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery Barbara Brackman HIS-FA2 2006
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Fun Fabrics of the 50's Joy Shih HIS-FU1 1996
Gathered in Time: Utah Quilts and Their Makers, Settlement to 1950 Kae Covington HIS-GA1 1997
Gone to Texas: Quilts from a Pioneer Woman's Journal Betsy Chutchian HIS-GO1 2009
Grandma's Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks Better Homes & Gardens HIS-GR1 2002
Hawaiian Quilts Stella Jones HIS-HA1 1973
Legacy: The Story of Talula Gilbert Bottoms and Her Quilts Nancilu Burdick HIS-LE1 1988
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Northwest Pennsylvania Quilts Marianne Woods (editor) HIS-NO1 1997
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Quilters, Women & Domestic Art, An Oral History Patricia Cooper Norma Buferd HIS-QU3 1977
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Wrapped in Glory: Figurative Quilts & Bedcovers 1700-1900 Sandi Fox HIS-WR1 1990
Christmas is Coming: Applique Quilt Patterns to Celebrate the Season Cheryl Almgren Taylor HOL-CH3 2013
Christmas Traditions Quilt Wendy Gilbert HOL-CH6 1992
Christmas with Possibilities Lynda Milligan Nancy Smith HOL-CH8 2010
Comfort and Joy Mary Hickey HOL-CO3
Debbie Mumm's Home Comings Debbie Mumm HOL-DE1 2009
Easy and Fun Christmas Quilts Eileen Westfall HOL-EA1 2000
4 Seasons of Fleece Javier Finwall Clements Finwall HOL-FO1 2004
Holly Jolly Christmas Quilting Jeanne Stauffer Sandra Hatch HOL-HO2 2007
A Merry Christmas: 27 Festive Projects to Deck Your Home Kim Schaefer HOL-ME1 2015
Merry Makers: Patchwork Quilts and Projects to Celebrate the Season Lissa Alexander (compiled) (Moda All-Stars) HOL-ME2 2018
101 Stocking Stuffers Leisure Arts HOL-ON1 1994
Paper Piece a Merry Christmas Jodie Davis HOL-PA1 2000
A Quilter's Christmas Marti Michell HOL-QU1 1993
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Two Hour Quilted Christmas Projects Cheri Saffiote HOL-TW4 1997
Animal Parade 2: Charming Applique Quilts for Babies Cheri Leffler KID-AN1 2015
Baby & Kids Quilts: Best of Fons & Porter Marianne Fons Liz Porter KID-BA2 2012
The Best Baby Animal Quilts Ever House of White Birches KID-BE1 2004
The Big Book of Baby Quilts Martingale & Company KID-BI1 2013
Child's Play Quilts: Make 20 Stash-Busting Quilts for Kids Stacey Day KID-CH2 2018
Covered with Love Becky Goldsmith Linda Jenkins KID-CO1 2006
Cute Quilts for Kids Kristin Roylance KID-CU2 2014
Fast Patch Kids Quilts Anita Hallock Betsy Heath KID-FA1 1996
I'll Teach Myself Sewing Machine Fun Nancy Smith Lynda Milligan KID-IL1 1993
I'll Teach Myself More Sewing Machine Fun Nancy Smith Lynda Milligan KID-IL2 1993
In the Nursery Jennifer Sampou Carolyn Schmitz KID-IN1 2001
Incredible Quilts for Kids of All Ages Jean Ray Laury KID-IN2 1993
Kids Easy Quilting Projects Terri Thibault KID-KI3 2001
Playtime, Naptime, Anytime Quilts Kim Schaefer KID-PL2 2016
Quilts for Girls & Boys Barbara Roberts KID-QU1 2000
Quilting with the Muppets Jim Henson Company KID-QU4 2000
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Quick Colorful Quilts for Babies and Toddlers Rosemary Wilkinson (editor) KID-QU7 2006
Sweet & Simple Baby Quilts Mary Hickey KID-SW1 2003
Teddy Bear Redwork Jan Rapacz KID-TE1 2003
TLC Tender Loving Covers Toni Phillips Juanita Simonich KID-TL1 1993
Traditional Quilts for Kids to Make Barbara Eikmeier KID-TR1 2001
Wonderful Baby Quilts to Make Pat Richards KID-WO1 2000
The Forgiving Quilt Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH1 2016
For the Love of Quilts Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH2 2018
Lily Girl's Christmas Quilt Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH3 2018
Josephine's Guest House Quilt Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH4 2016
Quilt the Town Christmas Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH5 2016
Quilted Secrets Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH6 2019
Everlasting Quilts Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH7 2017
The Christmas Wish Quilt Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH8 2019
Church Ladies' Quilts Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH9 2017
The Quilt Left Behind Ann Hazelwood NOV-AH10 2020
Quilt as Desired Arlene Sachitano NOV-AS1 2007
Quilter's Knot Arlene Sachitano NOV-AS2 2008
A Grand Design Amber Stockton NOV-AS3 2014
Pieces of the Heart Bonnie Calhoun NOV-BC1 2013
Pattern for Romance Carla Olson Gade NOV-CG1 2013
Lover's Knot Clare O'Donahue NOV-CO1 2008
Lover's Knot Clare O'Donahue NOV-CO1b 2008
Drunkard's Path Clare O'Donahue NOV-CO2 2009
The Double Cross Clare O'Donahue NOV-CO3 2010
The Devil's Puzzle Clare O'Donahue NOV-CO4 2011
Patchwork of Lies (Creative Woman mystery series) Sharon Dunn NOV-CW1 2013
Dangerous Threads (Virginia Davies mystery series) David Ciambrone NOV-DC1 2014
The Key in the Attic DeAnna Dodson NOV-DD1 2012
Sew Deadly Elizabeth Lynn Casey NOV-EC1 2009
Heart of a Hero Ed Ditto Laura Patrick NOV-ED1 2009
Fool's Puzzle Earlene Fowler NOV-EF1 1994
Irish Chain Earlene Fowler NOV-EF2 1995
Kansas Troubles Earlene Fowler NOV-EF3 1995
Goose in the Pond Earlene Fowler NOV-EF4 1997
Dove in a Window Earlene Fowler NOV-EF5 1998
Mariner's Compass Earlene Fowler NOV-EF6 1999
Seven Sisters Earlene Fowler NOV-EF7 2000
Arkansas Traveler Earlene Fowler NOV-EF8 2001
Steps to the Altar Earlene Fowler NOV-EF9 2002
Sunshine & Shadows Earlene Fowler NOV-EF10 2003
Broken Dishes Earlene Fowler NOV-EF11 2005
Delectable Mountains Earlene Fowler NOV-EF12 2005
Tumbling Blocks Earlene Fowler NOV-EF13 2007
State Fair Earlene Fowler NOV-EF14 2010
Spider Web Earlene Fowler NOV-EF15 2011
A Stitch and a Prayer Eva Gibson NOV-EG1 2014
Wedding Ring Emilie Richards NOV-ER1 2004
Endless Chain Emilie Richards NOV-ER2 2005
Lover's Knot Emilie Richards NOV-ER3 2006
Touching Stars Emilie Richards NOV-ER4 2007
Sister's Choice Emilie Richards NOV-ER5 2008
Murder, Plain and Simple Isabella Alan NOV-IA1 2013
Leaving Riverton Jodi Barrows NOV-JB1 2005
Liz's Mercantile Jodi Barrows NOV-JB2 2006
Abby's Schoolhouse Jodi Barrows NOV-JB3 2008
The Quilter's Apprentice Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC1
Round Robin Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC2
The Cross Country Quilters Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC3
The Runaway Quiltv Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC4
The Quilter's Legacy Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC5
The Master Quilter Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC6
The Sugar Camp Quilt Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC7
The Christmas Quilt Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC8
Circle of Quilters Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC9
The Quilter's Homecoming Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC10
The New Year's Quilt Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC11
The Winding Ways Quilt Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC12
The Quilter's Kitchen Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC13
The Lost Quilter Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC14
A Quilters' Holiday Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC15
The Aloha Quilt Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC16 2010
The Union Quilters Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC17 2011
Mrs Grant and Madame Jule Jennifer Chiaverini NOV-JC18 2015
Path of Freedom Jennifer Hudson Taylor NOV-JT1 2013
Hidden in Plain View, a Secret Story of Quilts Jacqueline Tobin Raymond Dobard NOV-HI1 2000
How to Make An American Quilt Whitney Otto NOV-HO1 1991
The Alpine Quilt Mary Daheim NOV-MD1 2005
Forget Me Knot Mary Marks NOV-MM1 2014
The Rose Quilt Mark Pasquini NOV-MP1 2018
To Scotland with Love Patience Griffin NOV-PG1 2014
Time to Share (Patchwork Mystery #2) Jo Ann Brown NOV-PM2 2010
Muslin Mystery (Patchwork Mystery #3) Vera Dodge NOV-PM3 2010
Raw Edges Sandra Bricker NOV-SB1 2013
Persian Pickle Club, The Sandra Dallas NOV-SD1 1996
Alice's Tulips Sandra Dallas NOV-SD2 2000
A Quilt for Christmas Sandra Dallas NOV-SD3 2014
Murders on Elderberry Road Sally Goldenbaum NOV-SG1 2003
The Invention of Wings Sue Monk Kidd NOV-SK1 2014
That Dorky Homemade Book Lisa Boyer NOV-TH1 2002
Threads of Encouragement Guideposts NOV-TH2 2012
Wild Goose Chase Terri Thayer NOV-TT1 2008
Old Maid's Puzzle Terri Thayer NOV-TT2 2008
Ocean Waves Terri Thayer NOV-TT3 2009
Monkey Wrench Terri Thayer NOV-TT4 2012
Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns Patricia Welens (editor) PAT-EN1 2001
Block Party: A Quilter's Extravaganza of 120 Rotary-Cut Block Patterns Marsha McCloskey PAT-MA1 1998
101 Full-Size Quilt Blocks and Borders Better Homes & Gardens PAT-ON1 1998
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Quilter's Recipe Book Celia Eddy PAT-QU1 2005
The Quilt Block Cookbook Amy Gibson PAT-QU3 2016
Scrapbook of Patterns from the Indianapolis Star unknown PAT-SC1 unk
Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past Marie Henry PAT-TE1 2001
Art Quilt Workshop Jane Davila Elin Waterston REF-AR1 2007
Basic Guide to Dyeing & Painting Fabric Cindy Walter Jennifer Priestley REF-BA1 2002
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Blending Photos with Fabric Mary Ellen Kranz Cheryl Hayes REF-BL1 2004
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Collector's Dictionary of Quilt Names & Patterns Yvonne Khin REF-CO1 1988
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Connecting Design to Stitch Sandra Meech REF-CO4 2012
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Design Your Own Quilts Judy Hopkins REF-DE5 1998
Drafting for the Creative Quilter Sally Collins REF-DR1 2010
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How to Improve Your Quilting Stitch Ami Simms REF-HO2 1987
How to Run a Quilt Show Dora Scheidecker Teresa Matteson REF-HO3 1988
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Machine Embroidery and More Kristen Dibbs REF-MA10 2001
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Measure the Possibilities with Omnigrid Nancy Johnson-Srebro REF-ME1 1999
More Free-Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 Lori Kennedy REF-MO1 2018
Nature of Design Joan Colvin REF-NA1 1996
New Quilting by Machine Singer REF-NE1 1999
Off-the-Shelf Fabric Painting Sue Beevers REF-OF1 2004
One Line at a Time, Encore Charlotte Warr Andersen REF-ON1 2011
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Paint a Quilt Patterns Marie Sturmer REF-PA1 2007
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Point, Click, Quilt! Turn Your Photos into Fabulous Fabric Art Susan Brubaker Knapp REF-PO1 2011
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Portrait Quilts: Painted Faces You Can Do Bonnie Lyn McCaffery REF-PO3 2005
Quilt as Desired Charlene Frable REF-QU2 2007
Quilted Animals Marta Amundson REF-QU4 2002
Quilter's Academy Vol 1 Harriett Hargrave Carrie Hargrave REF-QU5 2009
Quilter's Academy Vol 2 Harriett Hargrave Carrie Hargrave REF-QU6 2009
Quilter's Academy Vol 3 Harriett Hargrave Carrie Hargrave REF-QU7 2011
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Quilting the Quilt Fons & Porter REF-QU14 2010
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Quilting for Hire Shelly Pagliai REF-QU23 2022
Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book Amanda Murphy REF-RU1 2018
Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook Charlene Phillips REF-SE1 2009
Shape by Shape, Collection 2: Free-Motion Quilting Angela Walters REF-SH3 2016
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White Work: Techniques & 188 Designs Carter Houck (editor) REF-WH1 unk
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